The season of shopping is imminent and yet staying at home to shop has never been more appealing, if not more necessary. But it all seems rather dreary in practice (haven't we had enough of our computer centric lives already?). So let me get a little creative for you. 

What's missing from online shopping is an immersive experience. What we get are the same sights sounds and point of view we had from earlier online tasks, whether its work related, student supportive, or simply social media boredom buster surfing. An online shop-a-thon shuffles quite easily to the do-a-whole-lot-later list.

2020 however, has a solemn new shipping and delivery landscape with delays and understandable priorities. Maybe not a bullet proof plan, but it's definitely a good plan to scope out and take advantage of the online shop scene offerings much earlier.

So let's put on our flare-don't-care capes and do this!

  1. Gather A Few Props

If you are an early seasonal decorator you are probably set. But if not, you could dig out and unpack a few of your favorite holiday decorations and place strategically in view near your computer.

  1. Add Sound

Don't already have a favourite holiday music song list? Here is a link on YouTube for two hours (15 minutes "computer time") of "classic top Christmas songs of all time 

If the family is around you pop in some earphones.

Alternatively, or additionally, turn your TV on (if it's in the same room) to the fireplace channel.

  1. Add Scent

Unwrap or spark up any room scenting product or candle in those cinnamon, apple, or pine scents. Have some peppermint extract in the cupboard? Dab a little on a tissue and occasionally wave it by your nose.

  1. Add Taste

Left over dinner mints will work in a pinch, or warm up an apple cider bev, or a spiced tea, or hot chocolate. If you have your credit card handy you may wish to keep those sippers alcohol free ;)

  1. Unwrap My Gift to You!

I'm right there with you in knowing a good many of us need a break to help keep some of those costs down yet still give delightful, meaningful and inspiring gifts. Here are some offers to help you do just that!


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