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Gift Box ~ Design Your Own!

by Col Mitchell ~ Wild Blackbird

Regular price$35.00 Sale price

Gift Box ~ Design Your Own!

by Col Mitchell ~ Wild Blackbird

Regular price$35.00 Sale price

Start with this beatuiful, limited edition, handpainted 10in x 10in x 5in paper box by Artist Mandy Higgs.

With a sprinkle of sparkly fairy dust, and signed on the back of the lid in her magical style, these boxes are keepsakes themselves!

Each Gift Box is individually had painted with a wing in this style and colour, no two are indentical.


How to Design Your Own Gift Box:
  1. Add this box to your cart
  2. Shop the Studio Collection For Gift Boxes & Bags and select (add to your cart) which items you want added to your box.
  3. You can choose to add only one item or multiple items. There are no limitations. Items that exceed the box space will be wrapped separately.
  4. Multiple items may be elgible for a Special Gift Box bundle Offer (See below)
  5. You can choose to have the box shipped or pick up at the Studio location
  6. If you prefer to shop the Studio in person, simply purchase a gift box to have it held for you, then book your studio visit here at
  7. Leave a note on check out if you would prefer a sparkly silver elastisized ribbon closure, or a sparkly pink one.
Each item will be indiviually wrapped in natural unbleached tissue, or brown paper bag or brown paper box wrapped, and cradled in white paper shred.

Please note: ONLY items from the Studio Collection can be added to the box. 
Plus At any point in the life of your box, the flat portion of the lid is frameable!



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