Pink Tree Of Life Necklace

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Short Description:
Mini at print from the original “Love Tree” in custom hand-carved walnut and maple base, hand-poured resin, glass feather beads and wood beads. 


  • Brass
  • Resin
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Paper 


Necklace length: 46 Inches

Long Description:
Pendant: Custom hand-carved walnut and maple base, sustainable hardwood, not stained, hand-sanded natural wood colour, mini paper art print, hand-poured resin

Material: Antique Bronze & gunmetal-plated Brass chain (Nickel & Lead-free), wood beads, glass feather beads.

Colour: Antique Bronze,  gunmetal, brown, pink, turquoise

Size: 46-inch length

This Two Natures Collaboration begins with select images of Col Mitchell's original artwork. Each photo print reproduction is hand-cut, fit to the pendant, connector, or charm form and finished with a high quality resin or glass cabochon, by the artist.
Christa Benedict of Jibe Jewellery Studio and Gift Boutique uses each pendant to inspire her designing direction.